Welcome to Dick’s World


  I’m Dick and I welcome you to my world.


  My world, geographically, is Columbus, Fort Benning, Cumming, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Atlanta, and Athens, Georgia, Phenix City, Alabama, and Anywhere, U.S.A.


 That’s because I live in Columbus, which was just listed by some organization that does such things as the 4th best place in the United States to raise children. I am not sure why, but maybe one reason is because one of our Little League teams won the Little League Baseball World Series a couple of years ago. Balancing that are the low scores that too many of our public school kids are achieving on standardized tests.


  My son, daughter-in law, and two grandsons live at Cumming.


   I have stepsons, a step daughter-in-law, and step-grandchildren in Kennesaw, Atlanta, Athens, and one who drives a semi and just might call me from anywhere in the country.  


   I go to Smyrna a lot because my niece and her family live there.


    Part of this new blog of mine will be about what happens where they live since that’s part of my world.


   The rest will be about current events in Columbus, Georgia; Phenix City, Alabama; Georgia, Alabama, and, well, the world.


  It will also be about philosophy, movies, books, TV shows, music, politics and anything that I just happen to want to talk about.  


  Also, I am interested in you and what you think. So you are welcome to comment on any post on the blog. I just ask that you refrain from hardcore gutter language – oh, a hell or damn here and there is okay – and libelous statements. I reserve the right not to print any comment, but I don’t recall not publishing any non-spam comment on my last blog, newsmanbook.com.   


  Again, welcome. Please make yourself at home.






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5 Responses to “Welcome to Dick’s World”

  1. Joann Locascio Says:

    Hi Dick, it was great to see you last night and catch up on the political happenings in Harris and Muscogee counties. It was a pleasure. You look great.

  2. Dick Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Joann. It was good seeing you and your family. You all looked great,too, especially that happy little grandson.

  3. Redoubt Says:

    Best wishes to you and your new domain, Dick!

  4. dicksworld Says:

    Thanks for coming, Redoubt. I’m putting a link to your fine site on the blogroll.

  5. John Suhr Says:

    Congrats on a GREAT LOOKING SITE and I appreciate your opinions, although we may disagree on many political items. We’ve known each other over half a century and dealt with things from news items to music to politics and our friendship survives. May we both appear on the label of a Smucker’s Jelly jar on the Today Show.
    Cheers to you! — John Suhr

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