A Different Kind of Change of Command Ceremony

  Having covered a few change of command ceremonies at Fort Benning over the years, I am familiar with the pomp and ritual of those affairs. Not as familiar as Rotary Club of Columbus President Carmen Cavezza, though. He’s participated in quite a few, ending up as a three star Lieutenant General before he retired.  


  But this one was totally different. He compared a Rotary Club meeting with one at a church. First of all, you “don’t sit in someone else’s seat. That’s followed by a prayer. Then you take up a collection. And you’d better not run overtime.” Rotarians, recognizing the truth in what he was saying, laughed. In fact, he gave us quite a few laughs. We thank him for that. There are no laughs in a military change of command ceremony – well, there had better not be.




Past Rotary Presidents

Past Rotary Club of Columbus Presidents



  34 former Rotary Club presidents, along with a couple hundred other Rotarians, got to see President Carmen (it’s traditional for Rotarians to call each other by first name, even the president) hand over the presidency of the club to U.S. Federal Court Magistrate Mallon Faircloth. He now gets to preside over the 333 member club, the largest service club in Columbus and one of the largest in the state.




Pres Carmen and Pre Mallon

 Rotary President Carmen Cavezza pins president’s pin on incoming President Mallon Faircloth.



  Rotary Clubs all over the world do a lot of good work. They raise hundreds of millions of dollars to do things like eradicating polio. The Rotary Club of Columbus raised 77 thousand dollars during President Carmen’s reign for the Rotary Foundation which supplies the funds for such humane projects.  President Mallon promises to keep up the good work, locally and internationally.


  And you just might be surprised to know where some Rotary Clubs are in the world. For instance, there are three in the People’s Republic of China. That’s right, Rotary Clubs, which are made up of business and professional leaders, in communist China. They have been busy raising funds to help victims of the earthquake that ravaged Sichuan Province. Revolutions can be gradual. The Soviet Union is no more and that came about without a violent revolution. Are there Rotary Clubs in Russia? Yes, quite a few,


  Yes, the world is changing, but, then, it always has been.



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2 Responses to “A Different Kind of Change of Command Ceremony”

  1. Richard Hyatt Says:


    Good luck with Dick’s World. I enjoy reading your perspective on things. My new venture in “retirement” is a news/opinion website: http://www.richardhyattcolumbus.com

    Come visit and let me know what you think.


  2. dicksworld Says:

    Thanks, Richard. I’ll visit.

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