Dee Armstrong’s Advice to Her Replacement

  A lot of people have asked me about Dee Armstrong now that she is no longer with WTVM.  The timing was interesting because I talked with her this morning, the day after the announcement that Dee’s replacement had been named. Barbara Gauthier, who grew up in Waverly Hall, Georgia will be coming to take over the co-anchoring duties that Dee had performed. Her impressive resume includes stints at BET, WXIA in Atlanta, and radio and TV stations in Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Hartford. She has a husband and 2 children.  She is a Mercer University graduate.


  I asked Dee if she had any advice for her replacement. She said, “I would tell her to make WTVM a part of her life, but not her life.  One of the reasons that I am handling this situation so well is that my job was not totally who I was. I was called ‘Mama’ more than I was called Dee. I spent a lot of my time raising kids.. Also, I have music. I perform and I write songs.  So when people ask me if I miss television, I say no.”


  I can indentify with that. I also tell people “no” when they ask me if I miss television. Dee pointed out that, like her, I had other interest when I was working in T.V. “You were writing and sailing and doing other things.” She was right, and she is right about it being a good idea not to let your career become your whole life.


Dee Armstrong, former WTVM news anchor

Dee Armstrong, former WTVM news anchor


She did say, though, that she has been overwhelmed this last month because she now works on her schedule, not on someone else’s . She anchored on WTVM for more than 20 years. “Now,’ she said, “if I am sitting at the computer and I look out the window and see some flowers that need watering, I just stop what I am doing, get up, go outside and water the flowers.”   I don’t water any flowers, but I do put water into my hydroponic garden that sits on a table in my sun room. I am about to “plant” lettuce.


  Dee told me she is doing fine. She works in financial services now. She said she is doing a lot of teaching about financies for Primerica, which is associated with Citibank. She is happy doing that. She did, however, let me know how hard it had become for her at the station for the last months that she worked there. She said that she felt even people who wanted to be friendly would stay away from her at work for fear of management thinking they were siding with her.


  Also, she is still pursuing her civil rights suit against the station.  I am not going to get into that because litigation in underway. If it ever reaches trial, we’ll get the details then.


  So that’s how it is going with Dee Armstrong, probably the best known person in the Columbus-Phenix City- Fort Benning area,  a month after her job ended at WTVM.




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13 Responses to “Dee Armstrong’s Advice to Her Replacement”

  1. my comment Says:

    its terrible how Dee was treated after so many years. I’ve said it before I grew up watching Dick & Dee and then Peter Jennings with my grandparents. I am sad that I can’t see any of them anymore…Good luck to Dick & Dee…I hope everything works out for you…

  2. Mr.X Says:

    There was another shake-up this week, this time behind the scenes. A longtime Producer and former News Director at two different TV stations was forced to retire, and he admittedly was a little bitter about it. He didn’t even want a farewell dinner in his honor.

    It was sad to see this happen, but to his credit he left like a pro.

  3. IwantDeeBack Says:

    I want Dee back this is not right.

  4. Joann Locascio Says:

    That was a great post about Dee. I’m sick about her “retirement” from TV came about but glad to hear she is taking it so gracefully. She will really be missed, just as you are, Dick. I never had the chance to meet Dee and hope someday I can meet this dynamic, smart lady. Great Picture too!

  5. H. Miriam Webster Says:

    The news just isn’t the same without Dee. It is like Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts without each other.

  6. K. Boulden Says:

    I do not watch WTVM news any longer. It’s just not the same without Dee Armstrong. Besides, WRBL has my favorite programs, so I don’t have to change stations any more for the news.

  7. Gary Robertson Says:

    I was away for awhile, turned on the news and “where is Dee?” Sshe was a staple for our community. It will never be the same!!

  8. Kyle Flowers Says:

    I am glad that Dee bowed out gracefully, but I am not taking her absence very well. Phil Scoggins and Theresa Whitaker are looking better daily.

  9. Sandy Ellingson Says:

    I also travel frequently and was totally lost when I turned on the news a Dee was not there. I thought she must be on vacation. I am so sad to see her go and am not finding many reasons to get home by 6pm anymore. Best Wishes to Dee. I know she will be successful in whatever she undertakes.

  10. Larry Caston Says:

    Having the pleasure of watching Barbara in Cleveland over the last few years, you have all received the best we had here. I wish her and all of you the best. We will miss you here. Our loss is truly your gain.

  11. Tim Savoy Says:

    Hello Dick! It’s Tim Savoy, former reporter for WTVM. I’m back in Texas working in media relations in Austin. I just happened to be checking up on things at WTVM on the web and noticed – no Dee???? That is a shame. I don’t know any details, but I know her character, class, and talent. WTVM sure lost out. Say hello to her for me! Hope all is well with you and all of my friends in Columbus.

  12. Jackie Williams Says:

    Living in Dawson, I watch WALB usually but I do watch WTVM as well.
    After being out of town I wondered where Dee was. To my surprise…she’s not on some kind of leave but actually gone for good. How can this be??? WTVM is just not the same without Dee! It feels like a member of the family is missing!!! Good Luck Dee, we’re praying for you.

  13. Donte Says:

    Grew up in Columbus and came back a couple of weeks ago to find that Dee Armstrong is no longer on WTVM—-what happened?!! I loved her reassuring take on the news in Columbus. From this blog, it appears that she’s been gone a couple of years… how sad! Shame on you, WTVM!!

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