The Olympics Bring Me Back to Sports

   Usually, I don’t watch sports a lot. Occasionally I’ll catch a Braves game, and I watch some of the Georgia, Auburn, Tech and Alabama football games. But, I have been watching the Olympics a lot. And some of my friends who don’t watch sports hardly ever are watching the Olympics.


  “It’s so different from what is usually on TV,” said one. “And the opening ceremonies were just incredible.”


  Right on both counts.  And to think that those ceremonies were choreographed by an American. Well, he is now an American, but he was raised and learned to do his world class dancing in China. He became an American citizen and now lives in New York. That didn’t stop the Chinese government from asking to come back to his mother country to choreograph probably the biggest dance routine the world has ever seen or will ever see.


  Also, I find it fun to catch live coverage of sports you just never normally see on TV.  Skeet shooting was fun to watch. Maybe it was because I did it once – that’s right just once – at Fort Benning many years ago and I did manage to hit a few of the clay targets. But, just that one experience was enough to understand what it was all about.


  And there will be the one Olympic sport that Columbus hosted for the Atlanta Olympics, women’s fast pitch softball. But, it appears the sport is going to be dropped. Too bad, but Columbus will always be in the Olympic history books because of the fine work of former Mayor Frank Martin and former City Manager Carmen Cavezza’s efforts to make an Olympic sport a reality for Columbus.


  Well, gotta go now so I can catch the diving event. Just like skeet shooting. I dived off a high dive board once.  It was in the great spring fed, icy cold water pool at Roosevelt State Park. I’ll never forget it. I didn’t arch my back when I hit the water and hit my head on the drain grate on the bottom of the pool.  Maybe that’s why I keep forgetting where I put my glasses.




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