NBC Needs to Look at The Big Picture in It’s Olympic Coverage

  Like a few billion other people, I’m enjoying the novelty of the Olympics, and, for the most part, I think NBC is doing a good job. However – yes, there is a “however” – I don’t understand why they don’t take a few minutes to update us on the big picture. Who is ahead in the medals and whether they are meeting expectations or not.  I have been able to find out who’s winning the most medals on Google, but the network could do a better job of putting the big picture into persepctive. They should have hired me as a consultant. Maybe you, too.


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One Response to “NBC Needs to Look at The Big Picture in It’s Olympic Coverage”

  1. leftoverkumquats Says:

    I also wish they’d be better of informing viewers (most of whom probably don’t know the scoring in volleyball or the difference in scoring between beach and inside volleyball etc other sports) of sports rules. Makes it easier and more fun to watch.

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