If They Gave Oscars for Bad Taste, “Tropical Thunder” Would be My Nominee

  After watching Jack Black being interviewed by Jon Stewart and hearing and reading all the other hype about “Tropical Thunder,” I decided to check it out. And it was really “out,” way “out.”

  Just about every gross, sensational, and politically incorrect trick in the book is used in this spoof of war movies.  Robert Downey, Jr. played a stereotypical African American, which should be enough to hack off not just other African Americans, but anyone who detests such stereotyping. No doubt that was considered and decided it was the desired effect.  Ben Stiller portrayed a mentally retarded man even way over the top of Downey’s character. This, also, bound to cause a furor, would add to controversy. Controversy, Hollywood knows, sells.

  It had explosions, gore, helicopters, and just about any type of violence you could imagine. The language was about as gross as you can get. It was, no doubt, intended to be an exercize in gargantuan bad taste. It appears bad taste also sells now.

  That said, what did I really think about the comedy? To me, it just was too broad, obvious, and not funny. Another military spoof, Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator,” was funny, but also sad and definately made a strong statment against Hitler’s Nazy Germany. So such spoofs can be funny, but have redeeming social value. “Tropical Thunder” shows they can also be extremely expensive wastes of time.


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2 Responses to “If They Gave Oscars for Bad Taste, “Tropical Thunder” Would be My Nominee”

  1. dicksworld Says:

    Author : Paul

    Dick–I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen anything about Robert Downey Jr’s performance. All the controversy seems to be focused on use of the word “retard.” I definitely think political correctness is ridiculous but the clips I’ve seen of this movie aren’t too promising.

    Perhaps you should get a commendation for public service for sitting through this film and warning us about itl

  2. Hollywood Highlight Says:

    I don’t know what you two guys were watching… being a black American I found the movie absolutely hillarious and Tom Cruise and Robert Downey really put the movie over the top. Downey had the black thing down to a tee.

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