Georgia Electronic Voting Machines Have a Major Glitch: No Independent Paper Trail

  Considering the history of voter fraud in its different forms, I am skeptical about the reliability of touch-screen voting machines that leave no independent paper trail. Without that trail there is really no way to conduct an honest recount when results are contested. Georgia’s machines do not leave an independent trail. In other words, they cannot be independently audited.

  The group Voter Georgia brought suit against the state calling the state’s electronic machines illegal and unconstitutional because they do not provide voters with a record that shows their votes were counted properly. A Fulton County judge ruled in favor of the state, and now Voter Georgia says it will take its case to the Georgia Supreme Court.

  Though the judge accepted the state’s claim that the machines are reliable and there have been no documented cases of fraud, all one has to do is look to Ohio to see what can happen. While Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel is satisfied with the state’s machines, the Secretary of State in Ohio  Jennifer Brenner is suing Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold, seeking damages for fraud and breach of contract. As ARS Technica reports, “The suit blames faulty software for losing votes in 11 of the 44 counties that use Premier machines.”

  Georgia’s machines were purchased from the same company.    

                                                               courtesy Georgian's for Karen Handel, Inc.

    Karen Handel, GA Sec. of State, speaking
to 2008 Skidaway Island Republican Dinner
(Photo: courtesy Georgians for Karen Handel, Inc.)
 Georgia’s Secretary of State Handel is not opposed to an independent paper trail but cites the multi-million dollar price tag for changing the machines as a reason for not doing anything about it. She told me recently, “It would be nice, but it’s so expensive and there are other priorities.”

  Sorry, but, in a democracy, what can take priority over making sure that our votes are properly counted, when it comes to elections? I can’t think of one.  She trusts the machines. After learning about the problems other states have had with them, and that electronic voting machines are not impervious to tampering, I am skeptical. I would be a lot more comfortable with touch-screen voting if the machines were able to be independently audited. In Georgia, they are not. The record of human behavior is clear: many people will cheat if given the opportunity, especially when it comes to obtaining and maintaining power.


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One Response to “Georgia Electronic Voting Machines Have a Major Glitch: No Independent Paper Trail”

  1. Joann Locascio Says:

    Absentee Ballots are our only hope for a paper trail. And just think! You don’t even have to have an ID to cast one! Imagine that! Push absentee voting, it’s the only way to go.

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