Mr. and Mrs. and the Cavaliers Resume a Tradition

After one of the band’s numbers, leader George Corridino, told the dancers, “It’s a pleasure playing for you tonight. I am not sure the Cavaliers have ever played for the Mr. and Mrs. Club before.”

The Cavaliers playing for the 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Club Luau Dance

The Cavaliers playing for the 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Club Luau Dance

I assured him that it had.  When I first joined the dance club more than 30 years ago, the Cavaliers was playing for it.  Always liking the sound of a big band, I was pleased when the 17-piece Cavaliers played. The club did stop using it a long time ago because of the price tag for a group that large.  The club went to combos exclusively. That didn’t leave George out because he played for a lot of combos and ended up with his own.

Well, the club went back to that big band recently, hiring it to play for the annual Luau Dance. And they were really good. I always liked the full sound of a live big band and enjoyed very much dancing to it.

  Though the Mr. and Mrs. Club is private, limited to married couples, it does invite the general public to its annual New Years Eve Dance. All it takes to get in is the price of a ticket.  A lot of people come to enjoy the traditional New Year’s Eve Dance with all of the trappings, champagne, noise makers, funny hats, balloons that drop at midnight as the live band plays Auld Lang Seine, and a full breakfast served after the dance is over.

A lot of younger couples come to that one, and it is fun to watch the college-age kids dance. They really get good. TV Shows like “So You Think You Can be a Dancer” and “Dancing with the Stars” have turned on a lot of young people to ballroom dancing again. That’s a good sign because it means the style will stay in style into the future.

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