MCSB May Delay Approval of Charter School Application

     Muscogee County School District Board Chairman James Walker wants to put the breaks on appying for Charter School status for the district. He thinks more time is needed to study the proposal and to allow more public input.  That means there is a good chance the school board will not approve filing for  the application at tonight’s meeting.

  “We’ve already missed one of the deadlines, the one in May, and the November one is coming up. If we want to do this, we can do it next year. Besides, we are about to have a new superintendent and perhaps we should wait to get his or her ideas about this.”

  MCSD Superintendent John Phillips’ interim term ends at the end of November and Walker beleives it is possible a new superintendnet will be chosen by then.

  “What if  you don’t? Are you going to ask Dr. Phillips to extend his interim period?”

  “Well, that would be a good idea. He is already experienced at the job.”

  Would Dr. Phillips stay a little longer if needed? He told me that would consider it if he is needed, if it can be done without adversely affecting his pension.


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