MCSD Board Approves Applying for Charter School Status

  It appears that Muscogee County School District Board Chair James Walker changed his mind about wanting a delay in considering application for Charter School status for the district. The vote, according to a report on WTVM, to make the application was 7 to 2 tonight, and he wasn’t one of the two. 

  He had told me this afternoon that thought more time was needed to consider the issue, and that, with a new superintendent coming on board, he thought it might be a good idea to wait for that to happen to get his or her input on the matter.

  Dr. John Phillips, whose interim term ends at the end of November, was definitely for the application, saying not only does it give more flexibility to the system but would mean $15 million in more state funds over the next five years.

  As I reported earlier, Dr. Phillips told me he would consider staying on past November 30th if a new superintendent hasn’t been chosen by then, if he could do it with jeopardizing his state retirement.  Board Chair Walker told me that should a new superintendent not be in place at that time, he would think it a good idea for Dr. Phillips to continue until a replacement is found.


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