Hyatt Illustrates That Blog Journalism Can Be First Rate

   Richard Hyatt’s article on Frank Lumpkin III’s actions in tracking down his stolen vehicle and allegedly shooting the driver is an example of the excellent reporting that can be found on some blogs.  You can check out the article by going to this link.

  Blog reporting has gotten a bad name because some bloggers just don’t pratice responsible journalism. They don’t really check to make sure their facts are correct, for one thing. But, fortunately, seasoned pros like Richard are blogging now.


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4 Responses to “Hyatt Illustrates That Blog Journalism Can Be First Rate”

  1. Redoubt Says:

    That article certainly offers a lot more detail than what you’ll find in any other individual story, but I am forced to disagree with his closing remarks, “In the end, he put his life on the line for the price of a possession that isn’t worth a person’s life.”

    After a while, people simply have enough. Enough of the robberies, enough of the home invasions, enough of the crime.

    In the end, I can’t bring myself to pass jugement on Mr. Lumpkin for doing what any of us should be willing to do when protecting our life, liberty and right to happiness… not to mention just being able to live without fear.

    Isn’t high time we stopped blaming the victims of crime for its consequences?

  2. Sin City Inquisition & Bar B Q » Just the facts, Ma’am Says:

    […] “Hyatt Illustrates That Blog Journalism Can Be First Rate” – Dick’s World – 23 October […]

  3. John Jenkins Says:

    A credible journalist would have revealed he had taken money to write a biography about Frank Lumpkin III’s father. Hyatt has taken the money and now written this story. Full disclosure is needed. Hyatt lacks that gene.

  4. dicksworld Says:

    I checked with Richard after recieving your comment, and he told me he was given a down payment on the Frank Lumpkin book, but it wasn’t finished and he gave all of the notes and tapes to the family. He didn’t try to hide those facts. I really didn’t detect any bias in his post about the Lumpkin incident. He seemed to play it pretty much down the middle.

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