Redoubt Doubts Correctness of Richard Hyatt’s Comment on Taking the Law into Your Own Hands

  Once again I have decided to post a comment sent in by Redoubt. As I said last time, not everyone who reads a post reads the comments that follow.

  I decided that Redoubt’s comment really focuses the issue that a lot of people are thinking about in the Frank Lumpkin III chase and shooting incident: is it wise to take the law into your own hands?  

  He is commenting on my post about the Richard Hyatt’s Columbus article on the chase and shooting incident.


  That article certainly offers a lot more detail than what you’ll find in any other individual story, but I am forced to disagree with his closing remarks, “In the end, he put his life on the line for the price of a possession that isn’t worth a person’s life.”

  After a while, people simply have enough. Enough of the robberies, enough of the home invasions, enough of the crime.

  In the end, I can’t bring myself to pass judgement on Mr. Lumpkin for doing what any of us should be willing to do when protecting our life, liberty and right to happiness… not to mention just being able to live without fear.

  Isn’t high time we stopped blaming the victims of crime for its consequences?


  To be honest, I am not sure what I would have done had  I been in Frank Lumpkin’s shoes. I never was much of a hero. But I have surprised myself from time to time so I won’t say I wouldn’t have done something. The question, though, is should I have?

  I would certianly want to do something, and  he tried what I know I would have done, call 911. I would probably have also looked for the stolen vehicle and would carttainly have called 911 again if I found it. I probably would not have tried to take back the vehicle on my own, especially since I don’t carry a handgun in my car. My NRA friends would propbably tell me that was my first mistake. Maybe they are right. Maybe I should get one. Maybe I will.

  Is an SUV worth a life? No is the easy anwser. You can probably get another SUV. However, we don’t expect our police officers to go for the easy anwser. We can reason that they are the pros trained to do such things, and that’s true, but they are still risking their lives for our property.

  Now, if your (or a loved one’s) life is threatened, that’s a different matter. The obvious anwser there is that you do whatever it takes to protect yourself or your loved one. Even then, though, maintaining one’s cool is paramount; however, I realize that is easier said than done. I remember Earnest Hemingway’s definition of courage: “grace under pressure.”


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One Response to “Redoubt Doubts Correctness of Richard Hyatt’s Comment on Taking the Law into Your Own Hands”

  1. Redoubt Says:

    It’s a stroll out onto thin ice, to be sure. What is reckless vigilantism and what is simply a citizen doing his part to forward the prospect of justice?

    Criminals… car thieves, drug dealers, rapists, muggers, purse snatchers, thieves, all of them MUST assume the ultimate consequences of their actions, regardless of how that may eventually play out. This is not to say that we hang everyone for every offense. That’s just silly. But if during the course of a crime, the perp should somehow lose their life, it should be recognized that the chain of events would not have even been set into motion without that initial criminal act.

    The word ‘vigilante’ is today most often applied as a negative reference to anyone who acts on his or her own to meet an injustice. As a society, we have come to assume that the average citizen has neither the ability nor the right to protect themselves or their property… and those that do are bordering on being criminals themselves.

    Speaking for myself, I think this is a horrible mistake because, first of all, our Constitution guarantees our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. But living in fear of the criminal element is no way at all to live that life, be free or to find happiness.

    In closing, let me say that it is my personal belief that in this republic, the law is and always has been in the hands of the citizen. It is for the people that everything else revolves. It is for the common citizen who goes to work, has a family, buys a house (and a car) that everything, including the law, is specifically there to serve.

    If in the course of pursuing life, liberty and happiness any one of us is called to defend our homes, lives and yes, even our properties, it is our right to then also pursue justice.

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