Escaping Fox News in the Doctor’s Office

  When I arrived at my new dermatoligist’s office this morning, I couldn’t beleive the number of cars in the parking lot. I knew there was only one doctor in the building. I thought, oh no, he’s one of those doctors that schedules everybody to come it at the same time and then treats you in the order of your arrival. That, from past experience, can run into more than an hour’s wait.

  When I signed in, I asked the receptionist if that was his procedure. She said that it wasn’t, but that he was running behind. There have been very few times when I went for an office visit that my doctor wasn’t “running behind.”

  So, I found a seat in the crowded waiting room and scanned the room for magazines.  It’s always fun to see if one doctor has magazines that are older than another one. I’ve found some that were more than a year old. But, it didn’t matter. There weren’t any. That meant my only choice to kill time was to watch Fox News. It’s interesting that doctors all seem to want their patients to watch Fox News, especially since it can drive up ones blood pressure. 

  The TV sound was so low I could hardly understand  what anyone was saying.  I reflect that’s really not so bad because Fox’s obvious bias can hack me off.

 No magazines. Fox News. What I am going to do?  Well, it turned out that I didn’t need to worry because a nice lady came over to say hello. I figured it was another person who remembered me from all those years I anchored TV newscasts, but it wasn’t. It was the lovely wife of Rev. Jimmy Cook.  They came over and sat with me and we had a great visit. 

  Jimmy, who was pastor of the Morningside Baptist Church, and I have something in common.  He started out his young life on radio just a few years before I did the same thing. He stopped a long time before I, deciding in 1954 that he had rather be a preacher instead. I remembered him as Country Boy on WGBA Radio.  He talked in a wild, over-the-top hick accent on that show and played country music. He built quite a following.

  He started out as manager of the station in 1949. I started in radio in 1948 at WDAK as a 17-year-old announcer. I was still in high school.  WGBA was then owned by the Page Corporation, owner of the Columbus-Ledger Enquirer at the time. At first it was an FM station. That was when hardly anybody had FM radios. Everyone was still listenting to AM stations then.  After a while, he switched from manager to air personality and said, “That worked better for me.”

  Well, Jimmy and Mrs. Cook and I started having a grand old time strolling down memory lane as we discussed the radio era. A couple of other old geezers who recognized Jimmy and me, and who were evesdropping on the conversation, decided they couldn’t restrain themselves any more and joined in. They, too, had their memories of the “good old days.”

  So what sarted out to be a boring doctor’s office wait turned into just the opposite. We all had a great time and even though my wait to get in to see my doctor was about an hour, I didn’t mind at all because it was a fun hour.

  However, you can’t always depend on running into great people like Rev. Jimmy and Mrs. Cook. So maybe doctors should keep some of those ancient magazines availble for those of us who had rather read a year-old copy of Time, Newsweek, or U.S. News and World Report than watch Fox News.

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10 Responses to “Escaping Fox News in the Doctor’s Office”

  1. TK Says:

    so fox news is biased Dick, but you just accept the libreal bent of the other 99% of the media as somehow objective? wow you really are just another slanted left wing ex jounalist! : )

  2. dicksworld Says:

    Slanting implies that I am trying to pretend I am not slanting, but that is not the case with my blog. I am openly inserting my opinon when I wish. I wouldn’t do that if I claimed that I was just reporting the news. But this is a blog. Some of it may be what you call left wing, but it’s what I call American. I believe passionately in the First Amendement, The Bill of Rights defines what this great country stands for and if that is left wing then I am left wing.

    The Fox News claim that it is “fair and balanced” is the biggest joke in the world of journalism.

  3. JR Says:

    Many of us watch Fox News and appreciate its reporting…have you checked its ratings lately. We have grown tried of left wing commentary pretending to be journalism. I guess you miss the bankrupt – Air America. So, you think NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the like present pure journalism…wrong!

    Fox News simply presents the news from a different perspective than many of the others…it is refreshing!!

    Yes, you are left wing and you are old news. Just like the declining liberal daily newspapers across the country.

  4. dicksworld Says:

    Good thing I’m not sensitive, J.R.

  5. JR Says:

    That’s a weak response Dick. Complaining about Fox News is lame. Next time schedule your doctor’s appoinment around the time “The View” comes on. You can ask the receptionsit to change the channel – maybe they will be showing another left wing lovefest program.
    Even better, next time don’t expect a doctor’s handout – bring you own book/magazine to read.

  6. TK Says:

    Oh but Dick please know, all my young years in Columbus were met each day with your news casts, so i respect what you did, and who you are. My folks, God bless em, loved you, and you brought a great stability and credibility into the home each night.

    However, I have to agree with JR, as newspapers and stations lose money each day its a good thing!

  7. dicksworld Says:

    Thanks, TK, for your kind words.

    I don’t mind when people disgaree with me as long as they are respectful and civil and you are that. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    JR, sorry, but I’m not taking your bait. You want to spend your time listening to right-wing Fox News, that’s your right. Too much hate is spewed on it for me. Feel free to comment any time. I’m a free-speech guy and that includes free speech for right-wingers, too.

    Air America is still on the air. I can pick it up on X-M Radio easily. It’s on channel 167. I can also pick up CNN, Fox News, and C-Span on my car radio. Now that I have satellite radio, I wouldn’t be without it.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Dick, I totally agree with you! Every one of my doctors has Fox news on their waiting room stations when I go in. Surely they could pick something more soothing and neutral, like a cooking show or hey! a health show! That would be on-topic. Some of the offices will change when asked, and some are adamant. The thing that bugs me is that a medical professional should provide services without forcing such propaganda on their patients, who are sick enough anyway. I guess I can go somewhere else. How odd to ask a potential doctor’s office “What channel is on your waiting room?”

  9. jeff Says:

    I went to my wife’s Dr & thought about switching to them for convenience, but Faux nooz was in the lobby, volume up. Will look elsewhere…

  10. T. B. Shirey, Sr Says:

    Couple of comments, Dick:

    You should try to make your comments about Fox News as respectful as you want the commentsof those who disagree with you. Good luck on finding a year old copy of US News and World Report. It stopped publishing a print edition in 2010. Digital Only now. So far as slogans, Fox News is as accurate at your beloved NY Times: “All The News That’s Fit to Print”…or is that “All The News That Fits In Print”? Don’t worry about Fox News ever being the biggest joke in journalism,,,so long as your blog is around Fox News will have to settle for second place.

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