Think You Don’t Have Time to Exercise? Is 10 Minutes too Long?

  I got some much needed comic relief at Rotary today. Dave Hubbard, “America’s Fitness Coach,” told members of the Roatry Club of Columbus, Georgia, that 75 percent of Americans are way over weight and that it is costing $200 billion a year in health care. That wasn’t the funny part.

  Among his zingers was a  Yogi Berra quote that I enjoyed: “Prediction is hard, especially if it’s the future.”  

  Okay, back the the serious part.  He says exercising ten minutes every day is better than longer times a few days a week. It’s how you do it that matters. Aerobics are fine, but alone they won’t do the job.  Muscle resistant exercises are needed. Converting fat to muscle is the answer. Dieting is not nearly as important as building muscles. If what you eat goes to muscle instead of fat, you are better off.  I wouldn’t stop those aerobics, though, because they are good for the heart, and they do burn calories.

  You can learn more by going to this website.

  Dave and his wife live in Marietta, Georgia.


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