Another Historic Columbus Mill up in Flames

  What does this make, three historic mills destroyed by fire? Archer. Jordan and now the giant 108-year-old Bibb. Bibb went up in flames overnight. There are some interesting stories about Bibb and its surrounding mill village. We’ll be getting into some of them here. Do you have any? Click the “comment button” if you do because we’d love to hear them. You can check out the story at 


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3 Responses to “Another Historic Columbus Mill up in Flames”

  1. Wryknow Says:

    The Bibb Mill was an important part of my childhood, I rode past it everyday going to school we lived right around the corner on 2nd ave and I remember it being this piece of history that was actually real. a building older than my grandmother that was still standing, albeit abandoned for most of my life. The facade was as iconic as any historical building in the whole city of Columbus and I am incredibly sad to see it gone.

  2. Mchele Folds Says:

    Most of my family has worked in that mill at some point in their lives. My grandfather, George Mathis, worked and retired from there after 36 years. My grandmother, mother, uncle and husband have all working there. I was brought to tears at my first glimpse of the historical icon still in flames that morning. I still can’t believe it’s really gone. I have to ride by ever so often just to remind myself that it’s real. It’s heart breaking.

  3. V Wild Says:

    I was a vendor at Mill Towne Thrift Mall- we had just moved to the lowest level in the Bibb building after labor day, from the second floor. Since I was selling antiques, I loved the fact of being in an old building. Many people who came there to shop really wanted to wander around and remember days gone by. Sometimes I would get to talk to them and hear their stories.
    I would like to connect with other vendors from the mall- what will we do next?? Many of us lost all inventory in the blaze. Email me if you have heard anything about how all this affects the future of the mall.

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