Bibb’s Progressive 1920’s Mill Village


Bibb Milll, Columbus, Georgia

Bibb Milll, Columbus, Georgia

  As I drove by the site of the Bibb Mill ruins, I had to reflect on my visit to the area in 1985 when I was a student at Columbus State University. I had gone back to school to finish some unfinished business, namely getting a degree. I was being taught historic preservation by Dr. John Lupold, former chair of the History Department at Columbus State University.  I was his only student for that course. That’s right, it was one-on-one teaching. Only two people applied to take the class, and the other one withdrew. 

 Dr. Lupold said, “If  you really want to take this course, I’ll teach it. We don’t usually do this, but you can just come to my office and I’ll teach it.”  I have a sneaking suspicion that he wanted the co-anchor of the top-rated newscast in Columbus for years to learn about historic preservation and perhaps support the cause. Well, truth is, I did become more of a supporter of the cause after I took the course.

  I had spent seven years of my boyhood living in an old Victorian house on 5th Avenue in downtown Columbus. At the time, I thought it was just an old house and couldn’t wait to eventually move into a modern one.  Now I realize what a treasure it was.  Years after we moved out, it was torn down to make room for a parking lot.

California Style Bungalow, Bibb City, Columbus, Georgia

California Style Bungalow, Bibb City, Columbus, Georgia

  Part of the final exam was to drive around town and have me idenitify the different archetectual styles in Columbus. Believe it or not, we have just about all of them from the antebellum and Victorian eras.  To take me to an area for me to identify the California Bungalow style we drove up to Bibb City. Now, there are California Bungalows, larger ones, in the Wynnton and St. Elmo areas, but they didn’t have the unqiueness and historical significance of the ones in Bibb City.

Califrona Style Bungalow, Bibb City, Columbus, Georgia

Califrona Style Bungalow, Bibb City, Columbus, Georgia

  Back in the twenties the owners of Bibb Mill wanted to present a progressive face and to do that it built a mill village that went against the sterotypical shotgun-house Southern mill village. This showplace of nicer mill village homes was made up of California Bungalows, and they weren’t all just alike. 

California Style Bungalow, Bibb City, Columbus, Georgia

California Style Bungalow, Bibb City, Columbus, Georgia

 This village was constructed in the 1920’s not long after the 3rd and final incarnation of three Bibb Mills that evolved on the First Avenue site.  That mill, the one that just went up in flames, was built in 1919 and opened in 1920.

  The homes, sold long ago by Bibb, are still occupied and well maintained by their owners, and, as you can see, have a charm that only nature and time can provide.


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One Response to “Bibb’s Progressive 1920’s Mill Village”

  1. Sara Says:

    I’m not sure if you will get this… Being that it is 2011 and this was written in 2008. I recently Moved to the Johnston Mill Lofts in Columbus, GA. They say that this building (which is on the same street as the Bibb Mills Building) was once a cotton mill. I can not find any information on these lofts. I can find plenty of pictures and historic info on Bibb & Eagle and Phenix but nothing on anything what is now the Johnston mill lofts. Please help!!!!!!

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