The Most Important Vote You May Ever Cast

  Somehow, this election eve feels like New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow looms, possibly,  as one of the biggest days in the history of this country. That is because of the critical nature of what is happening economically in this country and the world.  

  Like you, I will be watching the returns as they come in, and I will be commenting on them. It is possible that Jim Martin could unseat Republican Saxby Chambliss, or, more likely from what I am hearing, Sen. Chambliss will not get a majority of the votes and there will be a runoff. So even if Georgia, as predicted, goes to Sen. McCain, the state could help the Democrats attain a filibuster-proof Senate. 

  An incredible lot is riding on this election, one that, as I heard pundit say on CNN, could be the most important vote you will ever cast. That’s pretty dramatic, but considering that this country is on the brink of economic calamity, which puts the world on that brink, it has a strong ring of truth.

      It may take a few hours to earn one of these “I’m a Georgia Voter” badges, but it is worth the wait, in my view.

Badge of Reponsibile Citizenship

Badge of Reponsibile Citizenship

  More tomorrow.

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