It Pays to Vote During Off-hours

  Having voted a month ago – it took me ten minutes – I didn’t have to stand in line, but I went to my polling place anyway to check out the crush of voters. No crush.  That’s because I got there about 9:30.  My polling place is St. Peter United Methodist Church, Columbus, Georgia.

  “It wasn’t bad, ” a voter told me as he was leaving. “It took about 30 minutes.”

40 a.m.

Voting line at St. Peter

  However, there was a really long line when the polls opened at 7. A poll worker told me the line went all the way out of the church and down Weems Road. Voting is always heaviest during the first couple of hours, at lunch, and between 5 and 7. It thins out during regular work hours.

  Wonder if using churches as polling places violates the United States Constitution’s separation of church and state doctrine. Probably never know the answer to that because it’s not worth the time and money for a legal test, I wouldn’t think. Nobody’s trying to tell you how to vote at the churches and the churches bristle with signs saying no political signs or campaigning allowed near the polling place. I did notice a lot of signs on the corner of Moon and Weems Roads right in front of the church, though.


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