Yes He Did … and So Did Sen. McCain

  Decency and respect prevailed.

  In Phoenix, Arizona, Sen. John McCain showed the class that represents the best of America in the way he conceded the election to Sen. Barack Obama.  He knew what the election of the first African American president represents.  The election is over and now is the time for the country to come together.

Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona

Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona

  Some in the crowd booed as he mentioned Sen. Obama’s name, but he held up his hands to let them know that was not the way to act. Decency prevailed.

  The mammoth crowd at Grant Park in Chicago went silent as it listened to every word that Sen. McCain had to say.

President-elect Barack Obama

President-elect Barack Obama

  And, though the crowd erupted into wild enthusiasm when President-elect Obama walked on the stage, it quickly sobered. The television cameras caught on the faces in the crowd their understanding of the  magnitude of what the American people had just done.  They had showed the world that this country is indeed about democracy. Both Senator Obama and Senator McCain made that point in their speeches.

   A reporter/videographer for the Ledger-Enquirer asked me what I thought of President-elect Obama. I told him that Obama is very intelligent, well educated, steady, poised and the person we need at this time in history. I said nothing about his being an African American. The reason for that is that I was not for nor against him because of his race.  He has qualities that have nothing to do with race that impress me.  I was judging him as Dr. King wanted us to judge a person, not for his race but for the content of his character.

  I also said that the election of Sen. Obama would have a tremendous positive international impact. He is respected overseas, as demonstrated when 200,000 people turned out to see him in Berlin.  

    Sen. Obama had high praise for Sen. McCain and the sacrifices he has made for this country. Both men showed us on November 4, 2008 the greatness of a country that continues to mature. The world is a better place for the way they conducted themselves once the decision of the American people was final.  

  President-elect Obama will inherit a tremendous mess.  We wish him well in coping with it by providing the leadership that the country needs. .

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One Response to “Yes He Did … and So Did Sen. McCain”

  1. mysticmiss Says:

    great words !! i watched from across the oceans and shared my feelings about this amazing event. I feel so proud of you america. you gained a fan tonight.

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