Wave of Change Hits Columbus Politics, Also

  Not only was the national election representative of “a new day,” but so was the local one in Columbus.

  Richard Hyatt has written an analysis of this sea change in political power in Columbus that really puts the whole thing in perspective.

  He says the Fish House Gang has seen its day. He points out that it couldn’t get its candidate elected this time.  He writes, “Power has definitely waned when your group can’t even reelect your incumbent sheriff and district attorney.  That happened Tuesday as Sheriff Ralph Johnson and District Attorney Gray Conger fell to two unknown newcomers that back in the day wouldn’t have merited a couple of hush puppies.”

  What Richard didn’t point out, though,  was that both John Darr and Julia Slater ran as Democrats.  Sheriff Johnson ran as an Independent and DA Conger ran as a Republican. He did mention in an earlier post, though, that Tuesday was a good day for Democrats. 

  You can read Richard’s incisive analysis at this link.


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One Response to “Wave of Change Hits Columbus Politics, Also”

  1. Joann Says:

    Not only was Tuesday a good day for Democrats (In Muscogee County) It was a great day for the United States of America. Change is here!

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