Public Libraries and Hard Times


Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Georgis

Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Georgia

   Just about every business is affected by a recession, including bookstores. This affects libraries since people turn to them for free books and entertainment. It doesn’t cost anything to check out a book, VCR tape, audio cassette, movie DVD, or music CD, or use a computer at the library. And there are free events there: things like movies, lectures, book signings. That’s why, instead of cutting back on services, which is on the horizon, including Chattahoochee Valley Libraries libraries, they need to be expanded.   

    And if you love to collect books, you can buy them at the Muscogee County Friends of Libraries Store.  Prices run from 50 cents for paperbacks, to a dollar for recent hardback releases, to up to five dollars for hardbacks copyrighted this year.  All of the proceeds go to the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries.

  There is one way that we can help during this unfortunate situation. We can volunteer our time.  Libraries use a lot of volunteers.

 The Firends of Libraries Store at the Columbus Public Library needs more of them.  Being a member of Friends, I work in the store about four hours a month. I plan to more than double that.  In keeping with my full disclosure policy, I’ll tell you that I’m also on the Muscogee County Friends of Libraries Board of Directors.  

  Yes, I am biased when it comes to supporting public libraries. They are essential to the intellectual well being of any community.


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