For the First Time, the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries System is Remembered in a Will, and AKA Pitches in to Help Terry Branch Construction

  For the first time, the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries system has received money left in a will. Mrs. Lorette Rosenstrach left $5,000 to the library system foundation. She wanted to leave the money to the libraries because she said they do so much for the communities they serve. Claudya Muller, director of CVL, said it was encouraging that Mrs. Rosenstrach did that, and she hopes others will remember the libraries in their wills.

   She also got another $5 thousand donation, this one following her talk to the Alpha Kappa Alpha, an African American sorority.  It goes toward building the new Mildred Terry Branch in downtown Columbus.  Muller says that now makes the shortfall $1.75 million.  It was $1.8 million.  The money alloted by the school board to build the branch three years ago isn’t enough to build it now that construction costs have greatly increased. AKA says it will work toward raising more money for the branch. Perhaps others will pitch and help, otherwise the money is coming out of the system’s operating fund reserves.  With the economy headed downward, those operating funds may be needed to prevent cutting services when they are needed most. The state has already cut its contribution to the system by more than six percent.


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