The Truth about Tommy Tuberville’s Leaving Auburn

  After reading the Ledger-Enquirer story today about Tommy Tuberville resigning as Auburn University’s head coach, and then reading Richard Hyatt’s blog about assistant coaches’ wives complaining about the way they learned he was “fired,” I had to wonder where the truth lies.

  The paper’s story says Athletic Director Jay Jacobs tried to persuade him not to go, but Tuberville thought it best for everyone if he did. Jacobs, says the paper, said this year’s Iron Bowl had nothing to do with all of this.

  Well, somebody ain’t telling the truth, or at least they are shading it a heck of a lot. I use “ain’t” because we are discussing sports, and male sports fans like to talk that way. You know, drink beer, burp, scratch in sensitive places, talk tough, and say thing’s like “damn,” and “ain’t,” and deliberately murder the English language with phrases like, “How bout them dawgs!”  It’s a testosterone thing. 

  Back to the Iron Bowl. I was pulling for Alabama this time. It wasn’t because I am an alumnus – I went to Alabama for about two months in the summer of 1948 and dropped out –  who to this day gets mail asking  for money.  Nor, was it because my late nephew got his Doctor of Philosophy degree there and worked as the school’s director of development at Hunstville , and who, before that,  also was the instructor of the Million Dollar Band’s percussion section, or because his son followed in his footsteps and played drums in the Alabama band, but simply because Auburn had had won the Iron Bowl six games in a row.  Also, I just flat admired the outstanding ability of the team this year. A 12-0 season impresses me.

  I pulled for Tech this year, too.  Same reason, but it was even more important because Georgia had beaten Tech seven years in a row. That’s too many. Oh, I do have a connection. My son want to Tech for a couple of years, but he got his degree in computer science at Columbus State University. 

   The Georgia-Georgia Tech game was a much better game to watch because Tech had to come from behind to win it in the second half, and only won it by three points. As we all know, though, one point is enough for bragging right for a year.  The Iron Bowl was an Alabama blowout.

  Okay, I started out talking about Tommy Tuberville and Auburn and ended up digressing all over the place so I guess I better close with something about Tuberville’s departure. I have always heard that you can win every other Auburn game of the season, but if you lose to Alabama you are in big trouble. Of course, that didn’t happen with Tuberville this  year. His team didn’t anywhere near win all of the rest of the games. But, would he have been forgiven for he had beaten Alabama? I really don’t know, but my gut feeling is yes. 

  Interesting that Tuberville is going to be paid more than $5 million to buy out his contract. If he quits, why does his contract have to bought out?  We were assured that the school won’t pay for the buyout.  Whoever pays for it, that’s a lot of money that could go to scholarships, etc. Tuberville has been getting more than $3 million a year so he is sure to be a multi-millionaire. I think he could get by without the buyout.  Paying millions to football coaches is obscene anyway. The players ostensibly play for nothing but the coach gets millions. It shows that some folks have their values all screwed up.

  As far as the truth of why Coach Tuberville left, my experience in life is that just  everyone will lie from time to time. At least, most of us don’t do it all the time.   I always say that I never lie unless it is absolutely necessary.


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