A Personal Note

I’m back.  I’ve not posted anything for days because I have been ill from a reaction to a sulpher drug and just didn’t feel like it. I’m a little better so I can talk with you some again.

Though not feeling well at all, I have been able to enjoy the Christmas holidays with my family. My son Rick, his wife Marian and my two grandsons, along with one  of my grandson’s  girl friend, all came down from Cumming, Georgia to be with me on Christmas evening.  We gave each other gifts, but once again I was struck with the fact that the real gift is being with someone at Christmas. We had a grand time.

And I had another grand time when my four stepsons, one wife and three grandchildren came down Saturday to celebrate the holidays. Again, the greatest gift was simply their presence, and the delicious Mexican chicken soup in which one sqeezes fresh limes, with some killer cornbread, which was prepared by one stepson.

Hope  your Christmas was a great one,  and let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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2 Responses to “A Personal Note”

  1. Richard Hyatt Says:


    I was just about to check on you. Glad to know you’re well. So get to work!!!!

    Happy New Year

  2. Joann Says:

    Hi Dick,

    Happy New Year! Hope you are feeling better! Glad you had a nice Christmas. We enjoyed a nice, quiet one up here in Harris County!
    All the best for a great year!

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