When the Old Way is the Better Way


Georgia 85

Georgia 85

 Once again, I became totally frustrated driving to and from the Atlanta area on I-85. Remember when I told you about running into one of temporary concrete barriers when I drove back at night in the rain? That was the day after Thanksgiving.  Well, when I drove up weekend before last to Smyrna for my great-nephew’s wedding,  while driving through the construction area near Newnan, I ran off the road,  ending up with screeching tires as I turned back onto the road.  It was hairy.

  I decided, that’s it. When I drive back to Columbus, I am not going to use I-85. I’ll take the old slow way on Georgia 85. I did and I don’t think it took me much longer to get back, and it was a lot more pleasant.  I just about had the highway to myself most of the way, and it was nice to ride through the small towns like Gay and Manchester. They appear to be frozen in time.  Gay and Manchester both looked the same way they looked 40 years ago.

  So next time you head to Atlanta, let me suggest you go the old way. It’s a lot quieter and easier.  Admittedly it takes a little patience when you drive through the small Atlanta suburbs like Fayetteville and College Park because it seems like there are a hundred traffic lights to slow you down, but the peaceful drive that you get the rest of the way is worth it.


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