Thanks L-E for Great Work Covering the Legislature


GA Capitol's Gold Dome

GA Capitol's Gold Dome

 Thank goodness at least one Columbus news outlet  is putting out the effort to make sure the Columbus area knows what its legislators, and others, are up to in Atlanta.  The Ledger-Enquirer has sent some seasoned, talented reporters to Atlanta to cover the opening of the Georgia legislature in this very critical time.  Chuck Williams and Tim Chitwood are, in my view,  doing excellent work.  I am embarrassed about the TV stations’ paltry efforts.

  The paper carried interesting stories about Rep. Calvin Smyre,  House Democratic Caucus Chair,  meeting with Republican Governor Sonny Perdue,  signaling that there is going to be an attempt at non-partisanship in dealing with the finacial crisis this state is facing.   He was backed up by Minority House Leader Rep. DuBose Porter who said Georgia Democrats are following the example President-elect Obama’s bi-partisan efforts to deal with the state and national crisis. 

And I learned that newly-elected Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr,  was being escorted around the Capitol by former Columbus Rep. Tom Buck  to meet legislators.  Darr and other members of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association were lobbying to get the state not to, as planned, close the crime labs in Columbus and Moultrie.   

Please,  L-E,  keep up the good work.   It’s really important.


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