Why Did Cobb County’s Sam Olens Come to Columbus?

Rob Doll, of Rob Doll Nissan,  former chairman of the Muscogee County Republican Party,  invited Cobb County Commission Chairman Sam Olens to speak to the Rotary Club of Columbus.  Rob told me he that he did not bring him to Columbus because he might run for governor, especially since he has already decided who he is supporting, and it’s not Chairman Olens. He just thought he would make interesting speaker about mutual problems facing Cobb and Muscogee Counties.  He was right. It was an interesting talk, and I’ll get into that tomorrow.

  Being a broadcast journalist for about 50 years,  I have to confess to being somewhat of a cynic – certainly a skeptic; therefore,  when a  Cobb County official comes to Columbus to make a speech,  my first thought is that he must be running for governor. 
Sam Olens, Chairman, Cobb County Commission, Rotary Club of Columbus Speaker, Columbus Conventionand Trade Center                                               Sam Olens, Chairman, Cobb County Commission, Rotary Club of Columbus Speaker

The fact is Chairman Olens is considering a run for governor. He told me that he doesn’t have a burning desire to do it,  that he is quite content to work for the people of Cobb County,  “but if the legislature fails to act on the transportation plan and fails to act on other cirtical problems in the state,  I will seriously consider running for governor.” 

Frankly. I share his feelings about his concerns.  Not that I have decided that he is the one to fix things – I hardly know him – but the inaction of the legislature to address these critical issues during this grave economic time is not only irresponsible, but, as I have said before, immoral.

Tomorrow we’ll get into what he told Rotarians.


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