“Voices” Shrinks … Well, the Printed Version

  Right after I read the cover story in Time on “How to Save Your Newspaper,”  I learned that the Ledger-Enquirer is ending the “Voices” opinion section of the Sunday paper.  Well, as Editorial Page Editor Dusty Nix told me,  it’s not totally ended, but it will be shortened from four to two pages and won’t be a section of its own.  But, there will continue to be an editorial and the regular columnist will continue to be published.

This is not only a way to cut expenses,  an effort that has been underway for some time now,  but it also accents the trend away from print to online.  While Dusty is losing a couple of print pages on Sunday, he is gaining just about all the space he wants online, including space for the pictures he wants to run.  He says the online version will be greatly expanded over the print version, with room for reader comment and videos.

As the Time article points out,  newspapers are not losing their readers. They are, in fact gaining more, many more.  But, that gain is online.  People are reading more than ever,  but they are abandoning print. 

Now, about Time’s solution for saving the newspapers.  We’ll look at that tomorrow…if I feel like posting tomorrow.

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One Response to ““Voices” Shrinks … Well, the Printed Version”

  1. Sonja Says:

    The Amarillo Globe-News use to only dedicate two pages to editorials and about a year or so ago cut it down to one page – except on Sundays. Worse yet, they totally raped our comics. The entire paper is now two SECTIONS Monday through Thursday and maybe 3 on Saturday.

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