It’s up to the Georgia House to Stop Georgia Power’s End Run on Nuclear Reactor Construction

  It’s up to the Georgia House to stop Georgia Power’s end run around the state public service commission.  Instead of going the normal route through the commission, Georgia Power wants the legislature to pass a bill requiring rate payers to start paying in advance for two new reactors at Plant Votgle.


Plant Votgle, Courtesy: NRC

Georgia Power got what it wanted in the Georgia Senate Wednesday and now the measure goes to the House.   Let’s hope it is not rushed . This multi-billion dollar deal needs close examination.  

Aalborg, Denmark.

Aalborg, Denmark.

Why all this emphasis on nuclear when wind power costs half as much?  I heard a Georgia Power executive say that wind power is a dubious proposition for Georgia.  Still, Georgia Power has exclusivbe rights to build wind turbines off the Georgia coast, but they haven’t made any move to build any.  Maybe that needs to be changed.  T. Boon Pickens may love the idea of building those turbines.

Then, there is solar.  Georgia Power isn’t keen on that, either, saying the state doesn’t get that much sunlight.  Yeah. Right.   I remember years ago hearing one GP executive jokingly say, “You can’t put a meter on the sun.”

It’s all about money.  Ours. They want it.  Disclosure: the only stock I own is a little Southern Company (I’m mainly a bond investor) so you would have to ask why I would be cautious about Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power making moves to make more money.  Maybe it’s because I pay one heck of a lot more for electricity than I make from Southern Company dividends.  Besides,  there is the common good to consider.   It’s about time we started thinking about that.


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