Dumb Alcohol Laws

It never made any sense to me to have a law that says you can’t sell liquor within 300 feet of a church, school, or park,  and Columbus Council made a totally logical decision to strike it down.   If anyone attending a church, school, or park wanted booze all he or she had to do was travel at least 301 feet to get it.  Ridiculous law.

And frankly I don’t think it should apply just to restaurants with revenues of at least 80 percent for food and 20 percent for alcohol.  Heck, I don’t think alcohol sales should be prohibited on Sunday.  Sounds unconstitutional to me, anyway. You know, the separation of church and state thing.

If you want to ban alcohol sales period, well that makes more sense.  But then, that was tried once before, and bootleggers and the mob were as happy about it as the preachers.  I understand the truth of the matter was, though, that total alcohol consumption did indeed decline during prohibition. 

 Me?  Well,  I like a glass of red wine with my pasta and white with my fish and chicken,  and I occasionally like a beer with Mexican.  But, I only have one glass.  It’s all about moderation.  Too much of just about anything is bad for you.


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