Billboard Bill Goes to Georgia House Transportation Committee

It appears that if the move to give the billboard industry more power to cut down trees on public property is going to be stopped,  it will have been be stopped the same way a similar bill was stopped last year,  on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives.  A spokesperson for Dorothy McDaniel of Trees Columbus, Inc., who attended today’s Georgia House transportation subcommittee meeting,  tells me that it voted 3 to 1 to send SB 164,  which easily passed in the Georgia Senate, on to the full Department of Transportation Committee,  where it expected to be approved and sent on to the floor of the House. 

Dorothy McDaniel,  Trees Columbus, Inc.

Dorothy McDaniel, Trees Columbus, Inc.

If you value trees and highway beautification more than the rights of billboard companies to cut trees on public property that block the viewing of billboards on private property,  then it would be a good idea to let members of the Georgia House know you want them to vote down this measure.   To get you local legislator’s email address just go to this Georgia House of Representative website.

The billboard industry already has the right to seek a permit to cut down trees on public property.  but the DOT can deny the permit.  If the new bill passes,  what was once a privilege will become a right.


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