Voters Beat the Lobbyists Again on the Billboard Bill

The bill that would give billboard companies more power to cut trees on public property didn’t make it through the House.   It had been defeated earlier in the week but the House agreed to a recall;  however, that didn’t happen.  The legislative session ended and SB 164 is dead for now.  Its proponents promise to bring it up again in the next session.

The big lesson here?  Massive numbers of voters contacting their representatives can overcome powerful, well-financed lobbyists for vested interests.  It took a tremendous effort by environmental groups to block this measure again,  but that effort paid off.

Now, we have to stay alert because the billboard industry lobbyists will not give up.  It is a pretty safe bet to say they will be back next year.  But,  folks who want to keep our highways green and beautiful have shown for two years in a row they can put up a good fight.

By all means,  please thank your representatives for being responsible enough to kill the bill for another session of the legislature.

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One Response to “Voters Beat the Lobbyists Again on the Billboard Bill”

  1. Matt Dernoga Says:

    We have had those issues in MD with the utility companies and their transmission lines

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