L-E’s Chuck Williams Did a Great Job, but I Can’t Say the Same for the Overall Performance of Our Lawmakers

Georgia Capitol gold dome, Atlanta

Georgia Capitol gold dome, Atlanta

Yes,  we can be thankful that the Ledger-Enquirer went to the trouble of adequately reporting on the Georgia legislature this year.  In my opnion, the paper  certianly put the right man on the job.  Chuck Williams did it the old fashioned way, which, to me, is the best way.  What’s the old fashion way?  Actually putting reporter boots on the ground;  in this case,  letting him go to the State Capitol in Atlanta to do the job,  and it was a fine job, indeed.

And it was a very essential job.  As was quoted in Chuck’s Sunday legislative wrap-up,  “These are dangerous times,”  said Republican House Speaker Glenn Richardson. “You are passing laws for the entire 9 million people of Georgia.”

While Chuck did his job, I’m afraid our lawmakers didn’t do their’s.  Thankfully,  enough of them in the House voted to kill the bill that would give billboard companies more power to cut taxpayer-owned trees on our highways,  but both houses of the legislature  failed to pass a comprehensive state transportation plan.  This is really a crucial issue.  Gas prices are relatively low right now, but they’ll be going back up again.  Public transporation systems are becoming more and more important each day.  The growth of the Marta system,  including more miles of rails,  is essential for the sprawling Atlanta area where close to five million people now live.  Traffic in the Atlanta area is horrific  and shows no signs of getting any better. 

Bottom line:  the majority of our lawmakers failed to come to grips with this gargantuan problem.  Shame on them.


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