Airport Manager Claims Reliability is Greatly Improved at Columbus Metropolitan Airport

A prominent Columbus physician, who I won’t identify because he told me privately,  said, “I would like to start flying out of Columbus again.  I stopped because of the flight delays and cancellations.  What can you find out about the status of that situation?”  My blog about how flying out of Columbus has become affordable again prompted his response.

Mark Oropeza, Airport Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Airport

Mark Oropeza, Airport Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Airport

“Once I finally figured out what was happening that was causing all of those delays and cancellations, I was able to do something about it,” Airport Director Mark Opropeza told me.

He said he called the president of ASA and advised him that the delays and cancellations were driving people away from flying out of Columbus. After investigating the problem, the president said the problem quite often was not caused by mechanical problems with the plane scheduled for Columbus.  The person who scheduled flights would run into the problem of having to cancel a flight to a bigger town because that plane had problems and solved that problem by switching the Columbus plane to the other run and canceling the Columbus flight. He basically put a stop to that and reliability has improved a lot at the Columbus airport. Mark says he does have to keep on top of it because, “We’re dealing with people here and some flight scheduler may not have gotten the word that he can’t do that.”  When we sense it’s happening again we call ASA and they take care of it.

He says another reason reliability is better is that ASA’s new regional jets are simply more reliabile than the ones they had been using.

If the flights are more affordable and more reliable now, there should be no reason that business for the airport not to  increase even more.  Of course, the word has to get out. The airport commission has a big marketing push planned and it should kick off soon.


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One Response to “Airport Manager Claims Reliability is Greatly Improved at Columbus Metropolitan Airport”

  1. Bill Ashley Says:

    The biggest problem with Columbus Airport is the lack of an airline, ANY AIRLINE, to compete with Delta! We need to pursue airlines with direct flights to Charlotte (US Air), direct flights to Dallas-Ft. Worth (American), and Chicago (United). Trust me, with all the activity at Ft. Benning, Kia, NCR, AFLAC, Total Systems, Synovus, W.C. Bradley, Auburn University, etc. , this little airport would BOOM! There are hundreds of thousands of folks who would gladly use our airport, but we have to get more airlines here! GO TO THEM and show them that today’s Columbus is not your grandfather’s Columbus! A SouthWest, or an AirTran, would be unbelievable! But, they think Columbus is some sleepy little Southern town. We have to get out there and SELL ourselves! And the airport website has been DEAD for about a year!

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