New Website: Way Down in Columbus, Georgia

I continue to marvel at the quality and quantity of music in Columbus . I’m talking about all kinds of music. One of our musical citizens, who went away and did his turn in the big time of Nashville, is back and offering a website, Way Down in Columbus, Georgia,  for the Columbus musical community.  It contains not only contemporary information, but a lot of history.  

 Larry Jackson,  recording artist, composer, music publisher, and found of the website Way Down in Columbus, Georgia (Courtesy, Larry Jackson)

 Larry Jackson worked in Nashville as a singer, composer, and recording artist. He was also an administrator for two music publishing companies, marketing record releases for various artists, people like Tim McGraw. He has owned two record labels.

 After accepting the invitation to join his site, I decided perhaps other music lovers would like to know about it, and asked him to tell us about it. 

Larry Jackson:

When returning to my hometown of Columbus Georgia , I decided to continue marketing and wanted to begin writing history down, not only of my experiences in the entertainment industry, but for all those whom I’ve known and those whom I’ve admired down through the years. I decided to put all together on one massive internet site and called it Way Down In Columbus Georgia. This title comes from lyrics from the legendary song titled Columbus Stockade Blues written by Thomas Darby and Jimmie Tarlton.

 Way Down In Columbus Georgia is a web site, invitation only, for those in Columbus Georgia who have given their talents and lives to the entertainment industry, and is an International site where those in countries outside the United States may come and enjoy the music on this site, and add to with videos, stories about their experiences, and just down home sharing, together, in one spot.  Also, the can meet people world-wide they might not ever get to know elsewhere..

I am amazed at the talent currently in Columbus, and the legendary talents who have left their mark on our community, as well as the world.  Their history needed to be written down to be remembered.  I have done that on Way Down in Columbus, Georgia.

 I want to welcome all our current members and new members to come.  I hope they enjoy and contribute to the abundance of history recorded on this site of memories and those to be made.

 Enjoy the music and the history.


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3 Responses to “New Website: Way Down in Columbus, Georgia”


    Hey Larry

    I had wondered what became of you and I happened upon you site. I hope you are doing well.


  2. Dianne Says:

    So very Sorry to learn of Larry’s Passing,what some Talent he had Sincere Sympathy to the Family and his Friends R.I.P.

  3. Don Edwards Says:

    Larry became a close friend of mine when I was on the air at WPNX-AM with the “Night Train Show” in the ’60s. I always thought Larry had a super star possibility, not only in the USA, but overseas as well. He proved me right. Larry was better known on radio in the UK than here. His CDs are still selling in the UK. What a talent! It was a heavy shock to me when he passed. Larry had more talent than most local people ever knew. A great singer, writer and showman in the industry. Through the magic of todays electronics, Larrys voice will continue to be played world wide and will always show his talents for generations to come. My heart goes out to his family. He was a treasure to music. Don Edwards, WPNX “Night train” DJ.

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