Savannah Revisited #2

On my recent visit to  Savannah,  I had to reflect on the way that while the city has grown with new, impressive high-rise hotels and a spectacular new bridge across the Savannah River, it maintains its connection with the past, with history.

Georgia Queen, Savannah, Georgia

Georgia Queen, Savannah, Georgia

The contrast of then with now was pronounced as a paddle wheel river boat pulled away from its dock loaded with school children on a day cruise and headed toward the very modern Talmadege Memorial Bridge that crosses the Savannah River.

Georgia Queen cruises Savannah River, Savannah, Georgia

Georgia Queen cruises the Savannah River, Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has been a port since it was founded in 1733, and that port is still busy.  But, Savannah was also Georgia’s first railroad town,  and the Savannah History Museum, which occupies the old Central of Georgia office and warehouse building,  sports a late 1800’s locomotive,  along with a lot of other interesting exhibits that depict Georgia’s past. 

Historic Locomotive, Savannah History Museum,  old Central of Georgia depot, Savannah, Georgia

Historic Steam Locomotive, Savannah History Museum, Savannah, Georgia

Coming up,  a real Oscar.

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One Response to “Savannah Revisited #2”

  1. Maria Says:

    Hi, all!

    I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Savannah will be my next destination!!
    The images I’ve seen from this city are amazing.

    Bye, bye! 🙂

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