Cooling Off Like the Rich Folks

Gotta get outta this heat and humidity.  What to do? Do what the rich folks do. Go to Highlands, North Carolina.
Viewing area on the way up the mountain to Highland's, NC

Just getting  there is fun.  Riding up those curvy mountain roads, the view is beautiful.      



Once there, the high is 76 degrees.  That’s 76 compared to Columbus’ 98. 


 Downtown is picturesque, with lots of quaint old stores that sell high price stuff.


And there are plenty of fun side trips, things like a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.  You board the train at Bryson City, NC.

  GSMRR 2 

07 02_HIGHLANDS NC ETC._1069 

Not many train rides offer a view of  folks rafting, but this one does.



Just miles and miles of beautiful views along the Tuckasegee River and Lake Fontana.


That ride brought back memories of when passenger trains were a common mode of transportation, and one of life’s highlights was eating in a nice dining car.

 07 02_HIGHLANDS NC ETC._1076

So I got to beat the heat the way rich folks do… for three days.


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3 Responses to “Cooling Off Like the Rich Folks”

  1. Susan Says:

    Your pictures of Highland, NC, were wonderful. Had I known you were heading out of the gawddawful humidity we were having, you’d have had a stowaway!

    I hadn’t realized you were such a train fan. Have you been on some of the ones out West? I’m thinking especially of the Cumbres & Toltec, a narrow-gauge 1880 steam train that crosses the New Mexico-Colorado border 11 times in its 64 mile trip between Chama, MN, and Antonito, CO. No doubt you’ve seen the train in a number of movies; it’s route is absolutely spectacular!

  2. dicksworld Says:

    I haven’t been on those out West, but it sounds like fun.

    Trains still seem to still entrance a lot of folks. Little kids love them. Just look as the popularity of Thomas.

    We went to an interesting model train museum at Bryson City, NC. It has one of the largest collections of Lionel trains in the country. Folks of all ages were checking it out.

  3. Sonja Says:

    Pretty pictures! Alas, I look out into the Texas Panhandle’s vastness and sigh.

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