George Corradino Retires from the Bob Barr Community Band


George Crradino conducting the Bob Barr Community Band, Springer Tehater, Columbus, GA

George Crradino conducting the Bob Barr Community Band, Springer Opera House, Columbus, GA

What a way George Corradino picked to debut on Facebook.  In his very first message he tells us he is retiring from the Bob Barr Community Band.  

George – if I wanted to get formal I would say Dr. Corradino, but I have considered him a friend for 40 years so I guess I’ll say George – came to Columbus at the suggestion of Bob Barr.   George left as an assistant band director at Auburn to become director of the Columbus High School Band.

This is all very personal for me since the late Bob Barr was my band director and had a lasting, and positive, affect on my life.  I was the first person he selected to be the band’s drum major. After I graduated in 1948, the band continued to grow and he took it to great heights, doing well in a band contest in Chicago and winning one in New York.  My late nephew Jack Gibson played in George’s Columbus High Band and George had a tremendous affect on him. My late sister Betty, Jack’s mom, told me that the only thing that kept Jack in Columbus High and got him on track to being a good student was George Corradino and that band.  Jack went on to get his PhD at the University of Alabama, and was Vice President of Development for Kennesaw State University when he died.  Kennesaw State  named a building for him, Gibson Hall.

When Mr. Barr – he’ll always be Mr. Barr to me – died in the late 1980’s, George headed up the Jordan Alumni Bob Barr Band to play a half-time show at a Jordan-Columbus game in honor to the memory of his friend and fellow band director.  Jordan alumni who had played in a Bob Barr Jordan band came from all over the country to play in that half-time show.  It was a very moving event.

That band morphed into the Bob Barr Community Band, with the big difference being that you don’t have to be a Jordan grad to play in it.  George has led that band for most of its 20 year’s existance.  I emceed the band’s very first half-time show and first concert and, at George’s request,  the 20th anniversary concert.

As well as leading the Columbus High, HardawayHigh, and Jordan High bands – he filled in for six months when Mr. Barr left until Jordan found a new band director – he played with a number of Columbus dance bands, including the 17-piece Cavaliers, which he now also leads.   

George Corradino playing a solo with the Columbus Community Orchestra at Hardaway High School, where he ad been that school's first band director, Columbus, GA

George Corradino playing a solo as guest artist with the Columbus Community Orchestra at Hardaway High School, where he had been that school's first band director, Columbus, GA

He is a very generous person.  For instance, he has played solo performances at many funerals, and not just for Columbus musicians but others as well.   He loves music, and he loves musicians, and he deserves all of the admiration that the community can give him.  His contributions to the area are enormous, and that includes his educational contributions. He was the director of the Muscogee County School District music program for years.

Thanks, George Corradino, for what you have done for music and musicians in our area.

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3 Responses to “George Corradino Retires from the Bob Barr Community Band”

  1. george corradino Says:


    Thanks so much for your kindness shown to me over the years.

    You, your family, brother-Elbert, nephew-Jack Gibson(and his parents) have all meant a great deal to me.

    I really appreciate this very nice write-up. I treasure your continued friedship.



  2. Oliver Boone Says:

    I have known George Corradino since 1989. He is the reason I came to Columbus. George Corradino will be missed by all of us. He has given this community so much through his love for music. He has a unique kindness and spirit which has touched so many of us. I have had the pleasure to work with George in the High School Band Directors National Association.

    We will miss you George. You are the Master of Music Education.

  3. Bill Edwards Says:

    It has been an honor to have known Dr. George Corradino since 1957, when he was band directior of Columbus High. I was playing french horn at Jordan when we first met. My wife, Jean & I have enjoyed knowing him all these years. As a charter member of the Bob Barr Community Band, & a member of the Cavaliers Orchestra, I spent a lot of time under his awesome leadership.
    We will miss George very much.
    Bill & Jean Edwards

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