Airport Commission Hopes to Increase General Aviation Business by Taking Over Its Fixed Base Operation


CSG07 22_1171

The Columbus Metropolitan Airport Commission will take over operation of the airport’s fixed base operation starting August 1st.  The commission is paying Pezold Air Charters, LLC, $1.8 million dollars for the facility.  The name of the facility will be changed from CSG Aviation to Flightways Columbus.  Pezold, says the commission, will continue to offer charter service at the airport. 

Just as CSG did, Flightways Columbus will offer fueling services, parking for home-based and transient users, hangar space, and will have a repair service.

According to the airport commission’s news release, Chair Sherry Goodrom says, “With this acquisition, the Airport Commission hopes to increase general aviation, which will in turn increase the airport’s economic impact on the city.”

The commission’s news release says, “While the general public is generally concerned with with passenger traffic, general aviation is a huge part of air traffic. General aviation’s 131,607 active airplanes form America’s largest source of air transportation.  General aviation flies 166 million passengers every year, making it America’s largest ‘airline.'”

Mark Oropeza, Airport Director, Columbus Metropolitan Airport, Columbus, GA

Mark Oropeza, Airport Director, Columbus Metropolitan Airport, Columbus, GA

Airport Director Mark Oropeza says Flightways Columbus will be managed by Jeff Kohlman on an interim basis.  He is with Aviation Managament Consulting Group which will assist the Commission during the transition period.

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