The Chattahoochee Choo Choo

Pardon me,  boy,  is that the Chattahoochee Choo Choo?  That’s what GIs at Fort Benning named the narrow gage railroad trains that served the post from about 1919 to 1946.   Chattahoocheee Choo Choo is, of course, a play on the Glenn Miller 1940s hit “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” If you want to see the Army’s railroad in action, just click on the clip below, which was saved and put on YouTube by my old friend and fellow broadcaster John Gilbert.  It’s 16mm silent footage, so you might want to play a CD of “Chattanooga Choo Choo”  while you watch it. John writes that he rescued the film from a dumpster.  Whoever threw it away just didn’t understand the historic significance of such things. 

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3 Responses to “The Chattahoochee Choo Choo”

  1. Milton Jones Says:

    Dick – The “Chattahoochee Railroad” film ought to be offered to Jerry White out at the Infantry Museum. I think it could be made part of a fascinating exhibit.


  2. dicksworld Says:

    Actually, Milton, the old Infnatry Museum had – and it may still be there – one of the old engines on display in the area in front of the museum. Maybe they’ll move it over to the new museum. Let’s hope.

  3. Carl Fedde Says:

    I am one of the Infantry Museum’s docent for the WWII Street tour. I always mention this clip during my tours because QMC # 5 locomotive is part of the tour.

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