Common Cause Columbus to Hold Forum on E-SPLOST


So far, I know of no organized resistance to the proposal to raise sales taxes in Muscogee County by a penny for capital improvements for the school system.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be, but you would have thought it would have raised its head by now.

Maybe it will happen when the Common Cause forum on the SPLOST is held next month,  on Thursday, September 3rd, at the Columbus Public Library at 6 p.m.  Common Cause Columbus Chair Alton Russell says that MCSD Superintendent Dr. Susan Andrews will be on hand to take questions.

“She and any pre-determined opposition group will be given time for opening remarks, written questions from audience, and then, open mike questions.”

He adds, “The forum is open to everybody in the Columbus community.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and understand all the reasons for voting for the SPLOST and reasosn not to vote for it.”

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One Response to “Common Cause Columbus to Hold Forum on E-SPLOST”

  1. Kathy Burns Says:

    There is no dispute that a new location/building was needed to house the school adminstration but why weren’t the needs of “the children” addressed BEFORE construction was started on the extravagant building on Macon Road? NOW you’re concerned about “the children”?

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