Why William Calley Chose to Speak at the Kiwanis Club

A number of people have asked me why former Army Lt. William Calley picked the Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus to speak publicly.  It is because he and TV commentator Al Fleming, an old friend of mine, are old friends.  Al, a member of the Kiwanis Club,  invited him. 

Al Fleming, William Calley at Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus, Columbus, GA

Al Fleming, William Calley at Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus, Columbus, GA

As far as a respectful and polite audience is concerned, he picked the right place.  He got a standing ovation when introduced – everyone gets that when they speak at this club’s meetings – but, he also got one at the end.  Al says that just usually doesn’t happen. To be honest,  almost everyone stood both times, but I spotted at least one exception.

The questions were asked respectfully and politely, which could give the impression they were softball.  I don’t think that was the case. The questions got right to the crux of the matter, in my view, and Calley didn’t dodge any of them.   

I have been a guest a few times at this club. On a personal note, I have always enjoyed those visits. In fact, I spoke there last week, giving a Power Point presentation for  Muscogee County Friends of the Libraries,  pointing out the importance of supporting your public libraries.   I enjoyed that, too.

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4 Responses to “Why William Calley Chose to Speak at the Kiwanis Club”

  1. dave swann Says:

    I hope he thinks about all those screaming woman, children and babies he murdered before he goes to bed every night.

    which begs the question, How in the world does a man machine gun an infant?

  2. Duc Tran van Says:

    Duc Tran Van
    Son My-Son Tinh-Quang Ngai-Viet Nam

    Dear : William Calley
    I’m Duc Tran Van, living here in Germany since 1983. Almost one month ago, I’ve read from your newspaper about “William Calley”. He said, he felt sorry about the “My Lai massacre”, where over 504 People killed.
    We are survivors from the “My Lai massacre” at March 16 1968 in Thap Canh.
    At this time, I was 7, my older sister 9 years old and my youngest sister 14 months. During the gunfire my mother protected me, and my little sister in her fall, by lying beneath us. When the gunfire ended, and the Americans were away, my mother told me to run away immediately.
    Despite her injuries in her leg and stomach, my mother has dragged herself to the street to see us running away. So she had to see her other two daughters lying dead on the other roadside. I ran away from this place, carrying my sister. At about 2km away, I heard a helicopter. I threw myself with my sister on the ground, and we played dead. The helicopter flew so low that I could clearly see the photographer. After the helicopter was gone, I ran with my sister again. Approximately 4 hours later, we arrived Son Hoi. Interrupted by repeatedly having to hide, every time a helicopter noise was heard, and also having rests from the strain of carrying my 14 months old sister.
    The next morning my older sister also arrived there. She survived the massacre by about 15 minutes of waiting under corpses in the rice field.
    Only in 1975, I find out that my mother, shortly after I ran away with my sister, was killed by headshot, through the press photograph of my mother in the “My Lai Memorial”. (As I previously said, this photo is exhibited there under a false identity)
    It was extremely hard in the following time for us to survive without parents and without any assistance.
    I want to write to Mr. William Calley! He must know what his actions did to our families! And what it has done to the village of My Lai, to murder 504 people, mothers, children and elderly people.
    For this few (only a handful) of survivors that continued to live, it was definitely very hard. Especially there were only some children and a few elderly people. A terse “apology”, after over 40 years for the total destruction, not only the people but also their homeland, is simply a disappointment!


  3. Larry Jackson Says:

    Hey Dick,

    You might already be aware of this site. Thought I’d jot it your way.

    Vietnam War casualties listed by Home of Record

    Larry Jackson

  4. Max Ricketts Says:

    William L. Calley Jr. was a disgrace to the officer corps, a war crimmimal and not deserving of respect from anyone who believes in ethical conduct, rule of law and American ideals and morality. Admittedly, he was a product of a military and government that produced a horrifically immoral war – that hardly excuses his and his soldiers disgusting crimminal conduct. Murdering women and children – who amongst us gives such a person a standing ovation? Shame on the Kiwanas Club in Georgia.

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