Media in Transition: The Presses Continue to Roll, but for How Long?

As you know, some  newspapers in America have shut down their presses. One of them is Macon, Georgia’s the Macon Telegraph, but the paper still has a print edition. That’s because the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer prints it as well as its own paper.

The Ledger-Enquirer Press, Columbus, GA

The Ledger-Enquirer press, Columbus, GA

I went by the paper recently to get a shot of the press for this blog report.  I knew it might not be running because it prints the Ledger-Enquirer during a night run that lasts until the wee hours of the morning.  But, lo and behold, it cranked up, printing something else, while I was there in the afternoon. I can remember the press running during the afternoon when I was kid.  I “threw” the afternoon Columbus Ledger– which no longer exists – from my bicycle on a 2nd Avenue route.  That was during World War Two. I was 12.   (I hated it.  Too many adult deadbeats wouldn’t answer the door when I came to collect. Folks paid the “paper boy” weekly then. Well, some folks.)  This definitely was not the same press.  The one that ran back in my childhood made a lot more racket.  I couldn’t believe how quietly today’s presses run. 

Ledger-Enquirer newsprint storage room

Ledger-Enquirer newsprint storage room

It takes a lot of paper,  or, as the newspaper folks call it, newsprint to get out the old hard-copy edition.  Just think how many trees will be saved if newspapers go totally online.  Will that ever happen? It’s already happened in some places.  Can it happen here?  It can happen anywhere.

 However, I would think there will always be a niche for some specialized hard-copy newspapers. There are a lot of people now who simply want to hold the paper in their hands while they read it. They don’t like to read it on a computer screen.  That could be a generational thing, though.   

One of the big reasons we hear that presses are shutting down is because of the migration of people to the Internet for news.  We’ll look at that phenomenon next.


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One Response to “Media in Transition: The Presses Continue to Roll, but for How Long?”

  1. Jack Basset Says:

    Dick, I have been receiving my paper every morning on my computer for about a year. I do miss the little sticker on the front and I don’t get any fall out circulars.

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