You won’t find “yearender” in the dictionary. It’s a term used by broadcasters for reports and documentaries at year’s end to feature the big stories of the year.  That’s what this podcast does, except, being a blog, it get’s personal.

Just click on 2009 YEARENDER

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3 Responses to “PODCAST: 2009 YEARENDER”

  1. Claudya Muller Says:

    Your Yearender was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you – and thank you for including the Friends and the Library.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Happy New Year, Dick – I don’t get by often but still enjoy your blog as much as possible!

  3. Janet Sue Gibson Gray Says:

    Just got caught up on Dick’s World blogs…..always
    with such professionalism, style, and compassion. It’s wonderful
    seeing you be able to ‘report’ without the
    limitations of a paycheck. All the stories that were
    told around the family dinner table of my childhood, of
    your childhood and how you used to stand on
    eggcrates and ‘announce’…wow. What a passion and
    gift that you;ve turned into a lifelong
    career….that ‘serves’ others. Columbus should be
    so proud to have your historian status blog, that
    should be archived and forever available, free, online
    and available through direction of the library’s history dept. for
    Columbus conservation purposes. Your stories ‘live’!

    Thank you for doing this for me (your proud neice) and all the others that
    have remained in Columbus and those of us who live
    elsewhere, but call Columbus….home.

    Much love and respect,
    BLOG ON!!!
    janet sue

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