MCSD Board Member John Well’s Resolution Calls for the Board to Stay Out of the Architect’s Pool

When the Muscogee County School District Board meets Tuesday, the architect’s pool will not be on the agenda, but the subject will, because board member John Wells is going to introduce a resolution calling for  Superintendent Susan Andrews to select an architect for a particular job.  “She then will have to defend her choice, as she should.  If she can’t get five votes, the choice should not be approved, but I think she can.”

This means that the board would have nothing to do with the pool selection. He believes there can not be a consensus on pool selection,  because each member of the board has its own constituency. That doesn’t mean there will be no pool.  She can have one which is selected by the staff, but the board won’t have anything to do with it. 

Will his resolution fly? He doesn’t know.

It seems to me that it’s important that this issue be resolved soon. Waiting too long to get the Special Option Local Option Sales Tax projects started can be quite costly.  If the economy improves and prices start going up, construction costs will increase.  All you have to do is look at how the delay in constructing the Mildred Terry Library doubled the cost to know what can happen.

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