Panel Discusses Evolution and Creationism at the Springer Monday


Dr. Ian Bond sent the following email to me.

Dr. Ian Bond (Courtesy: Jim Cawthorne, Camera 1)

This week the Springer Opera House will begin a three week run of one of the greatest American plays of the past century, “Inherit the Wind,” to mark the 75th anniversary of the famed “Scopes Monkey Trial.” The play reenacts Clarence Darrow’s squaring off against Williams Jennings Bryan in a Tennessee courtroom on the right of a science teacher to teach evolution in a Tennessee public school. The question of the teaching of evolution and creationism in the classrooms of American public and private schools is still hotly debated today, 201 years after the birth of Charles Darwin.
Columbus Technical College Counselor, Dr. Ian Bond, will moderate a panel discussion on Monday, January 25 at 7:00 pm at the Springer Opera House. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.
Our panel consists of experts in science and anthropology and professional educators.
            Dr. Brian Schwartz (biology professor, CSU)
            Dr. Donald Moeller (former college science teacher)
            Dr. John Studstill (anthropology professor, CSU)
            Dr. David Schwimmer (paleontology professor, CSU)
            Principal Len McWilliams (headmaster, Calvary Christian Schools)
This panel of titans ensures a lively, informative, and though-provoking discussion as well as an enjoyable evening at Georgia’s Historic State Theater.


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