The Columbus Connection to the First and Last Moon Shots


 Georgia state legislator and retired Columbus lawyer, Milton Jones, a friend of mine, was reminded by my post on my visit to the Kennedy Space Center for the launch of Apollo 17 in 1972, that he and his family went down for the Apollo 11 launch.  Here is what he emailed to me.

Apollo 11 liftoff, July 16, 1969, Kennedy Space Center, FL (NASA photo)

Enjoyed your article on the Apollo 17 space shot.

It’s interesting that you went to the last “man to the moon” mission.  Two other couples and Jeanette and I carried our 11 children to Apollo 11 in July of 1969.  That was the mission, of course, which first landed men on the moon.  Jack Brinkley was in Congress then, and he and I were (and still are) close friends.  He got us passes to the VIP viewing area.  It was one of those experiences you will never forget, as I am sure is also true with you.  I could not get over the noise, which really surpassed noise it was so loud, and more of a roaring all encompassing vibration.

Lunar Module Commander Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, is shown working outside the LM (NASA photo)

Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, stepping onto the lunar surface (NASA photo)

Our kids are now adults, but they tell their children about watching man go to the moon.  I hate it that it appears that manned space flight is on the way out.  I believe in too many ways we are going backwards in our country and civilization.  A lot of wonderful progress in a lot of ways, but some retrograde, too, and in other very important ways.

Oh, well, just another example of my old man grousing.


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3 Responses to “The Columbus Connection to the First and Last Moon Shots”

  1. John Cornett Says:

    Richard and Milton….

    I was there too, for one of them; will have to check.

    I rented a camper, took Dianne and kids. We stayed at Frontierland
    at Walt Disney World beforehand; drove over (I had press passes) and
    gawked with everyone else when the thing finally launched, with sound
    approaching the level of today’s “Ludicrous” and “Iced Tea” ear drum
    busters and causing a minor earthquake that left everybody gasping
    for breath and reaching for the Stanback.

    I’ll follow on this. Great post…..

  2. eihjay lulu Says:

    ..i thought in outer space there is no gravity,,,why is the flag,and other things are not floating..?

  3. dicksworld Says:

    There is gravity on the moon, not as much as on earth, but enough to hold things down.

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