Chattahoochee Valley Regional Libraries System Gets a New Bookmobile

In about a year,  the Chattahoochee Valley Regional Libraries  will have a new $285,000 bookmobile, thanks to a grant from the John F. and James L. Knight Foundation.  It takes about a year to custom build a bookmobile.  CVRL Marketing Coordinator Linda Hyles tells me that it will serve Chattahoochee, Stewart, and Marian Counties,  which are getting no bookmobile service at the this time. This means money that had been budgeted for that bookmobile before the grant was made can be used to renovate the one that is now serving Muscogee County. 

CVRL Bookmobile now in service (Courtesy: CVRL)

The new bookmobile will have six computer stations and a satellite dish to connect them to the Internet.

This is a correction of yesterday’s post that said Muscogee County has no bookmobile service at this time.  It does.  Stewart, Marian, and Chattahoochee counties are the ones that have no service.


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2 Responses to “Chattahoochee Valley Regional Libraries System Gets a New Bookmobile”

  1. Rick Says:

    Good thing. That bus in the picture looks like the one I used to go into in 1966.

  2. Rick Says:

    My iPad is already on order 🙂

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