The News is not Good for CSU President Mescon and Provost Levi

Right after I post the good news story about the great Columbus State University Schwob School of Music’s annual Kaleidoscope Concert,  I learn from Chuck Williams on the L-E website that the faculty has voted ‘no confidence” for President Tim Mescon and Provost Inessa Levi.

Chuck writes, “Mescon, who has been at the university 21 months, had 62 percent of the voting faculty express no confidence.

Levi, who has been at CSU for 10 months, had 77 percent of the voting faculty express no confidence.”

Out of 293 eligibile voters, 253 voted.

Since I am a graduate of CSU – it was Columbus College when I graduated – and I have a number of friends who are retired CSU professors, and I am a dedicated supporter of its music program, which is one of the best in the country, this is a little personal for me, as it is with a lot of Columbus folks.

The vote  cannot remove Mescon and Levi from office, only the University System Board of Regents can do that.  Chuck Leonard just reported on WTVM that Mescon’s contract is up for renewal and that he asked it not be renewed until the vote of confidence was taken.  The L-E  reports the board granted his request and didn’t renew the contract yesterday, which was the day scheduled for university president contract renewals.

Let’s hope this controversy is resolved quickly for the sake of a really fine school that is a great asset for Columbus.

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