Schwob School of Music’s Kaleidoscope Was Brilliant Again

That was great!  It was wonderful!  Marvelous! Those were superlatives that filled the air following the Schwob School of Music’s annual Kaleidoscope Concert at Bill Heard Theater at the RiverCenter.  They were uttered following prolonged, thunderous applause, whistling,  and cheering as the CSU Philharmonic played the finale. 

One of the reasons for the huge hand was the fact that the audience had built up all of that applause from having to sit on its hands at the end of each triumphant performance by the school’s different musical groups and soloists.  Schwob School of Music Executive Director Fred Cohen asked the audience not to applaud until the end because the concert was designed to be seamless with one selection immediately following another one.  The ensembles and soloist were all over the theater, some on the stage, some in the orchestra pit, and some in the boxes. 

The talent this school of music possesses is phenomenal, both students and teachers.  And they come not just from all over the United States, but, also,  from other countries.  The school is attracting outstanding students and teachers, and that is due, in no small part,  to the financial and moral support it gets from Columbus area music lovers.  If you missed Kaleidoscope this year,  make sure you don’t next year. It’s a performance event you won’t forget.

Oh, we should also congratulate the production staff at the Bill Heard Theater.  Control of lighting was critical, and it was flawless.

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2 Responses to “Schwob School of Music’s Kaleidoscope Was Brilliant Again”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Would have been nice if I had realized beforehand it would sell out. We got there maybe 5 minutes too late. Who knew?

    No scalpers outside on Broadway, either.

  2. dicksworld Says:

    If it was sold out a lot of people with tickets didn’t show up. There was, fortunately, a large crowd, but there were a number of empty seats. Sorry you missed it.

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